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Mark Douthit: Links

Larry Carlton Official Homepage
Vince Gill
The Sax Shed
Excellent sax resources
International Wind Synthesis Organization
Patchman Music Online
Great wind synthesis resources
Applied Microphone Technology
sounds like you...only louder
FibraCell Reeds
Blue NoteJazz Club
...the best!
Jazz Clubs Worldwide
Michael Brecker
beautifully made sax necks
PM Woodwind Repair
Jeff Coffin
...a great player and friend
Pat Coil
great keyboardist and friend
Barry Green, Trombonist and Clinician
long-time friend and member of the Sapphire Blue Horns
Freddie Gregory Mouthpieces
Musical Peace, Awareness of Peace Through Music, World Peace
symbol used on my website by M. Sean Vennett
Aaron Drake Mouthpieces